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Android App for dance events scheduling

(personal practice project in May 2018)

My Role: Product designer
Tools: Sketch, Illustrator
Timeframe: 1 week
design (2).png


DanceBy is a dancing/party event publishing and meetup app. This app allows you to browse and filter dance party events before attending and choose to go to those that play your favorite types of music. You can use this app to filter dance events you want to go by dates, music genres, and keywords. After getting Danceby, you can go to your favorite dance parties and meet like-minded people!

Pain points

Dancing to your favorite music with a group of like-minded people! College students spend their weekend nights going to dance parties to meet new people and have fun.

However, attendants sometimes find themselves dancing to music that they do not like in a random party. In those situations, attendants leave the party very early without enjoying themselves or meeting new friends. Or even worse, they feel the peer pressure and have to dance along. 


This product is for users who would like to hold or attend small/large dance parties that play certain types of music. It is an event-posting and scheduling app specifically for dancing events.

Users can choose to go/save certain parties by filters (location, music types, and dates, etc.).

Users can post events with choice of photos, dates, music genres, details (playlist) and share it on other social network platforms.

Users can create their profile with a profile picture, introduction, and favorite event tags.

Have you ever been to some random dance parties that play your least favorite music?



For gaining rich details about people's attitudes towards dance parties

Previous: Smaller World


Online surveys for collecting and analyzing data

Previous: Smaller World

Hypothesized Users

Focus on people who want to optimize theirs choices before attending a party

Previous: Smaller World

Similar Products

Analyze Facebook event feature and Meetup

Previous: Smaller World

In-depth interviews

Semi-structured interviews with over ten college students while taking notes 

Previous: Smaller World

Field Observation

Observe in different parties, ask for feedbacks, and take notes

Previous: Smaller World


What kinds of music do you prefer to dance to?

What would you do when you arrive at a dance party that plays music you don't like?


Parties are always so random! I wish I know what kind of music they will play in advance.


I always feel like people are always playing the same kind of music in parties as if those are the only music you can dance to. 


I avoid big parties of all kinds even if I love dancing with others because I don't enjoy the music. I would love to dance to some jazz though.

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Surveys results

Similar product (Facebook event feature)

Pain points:

  • Filter is hard to find and use

  • Events are broad

  • Searching is exhausting


  • Users are familar with each other

  • "Interested"

  • Invitation feature

User Scenario

User Scenario

For user scenario, I found that people spend extra time trying to find the dance party they want to go, resulting in decision fatigue, in opposition to the purpose of dance parties (relaxation).

App Map

User journey (draft)




FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Reflections & Feedbacks

The ideation of the hi-fidelity prototype takes several rounds of design and testing process. I took examination of the event feature on Facebook and decided to try my best to eliminate the pain points while using. I also noted that many features within are worth learning from, such as invitation, identifiable users, and the "interested" button.

Several feedbacks showed that the visual design of the app can need more work. Since it is aiming towards dancing parties, the visual element, the color palette, especially the App logo, need to be more identifiable and specific (party-like).

Feedbacks also tell us that some users may not want their actions (going or save) to be visible to other users for the concern of privacy.

May 2018

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